Sometimes you find a project, and other times a project finds you.  The latter is how our story began,
with a picturesque old farm that called out to us.  We added a riding facility for the love of horses.

Our horses board here too.  That's the first thing we want you to know: all horses receive the same great care.
Second, we have a full-time stables manager with over 10 years experience who is on-site six days a week.
Third, the setting is perfect for riding.  There are open trails and wooded trails for pleasure riding.
Instructional riding areas include an oval arena, a dressage arena, and a round pen.

Our lesson instructor can tailor a program to your exact needs, for all ages and abilities.

Halcyon Stables and Equestrian Center
3865 Frink School Road
La Grange, NC   28551
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